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Petrosaurus, Inc.

Valor Analytics team has been amazing

Our experience with the Valor Analytics team has been amazing. The attention to detail and haste in which they act on market opportunities is unmatched. The market value of our trading account with Valor went up 250%+ within the first year of doing business with them. The value is there, and the reporting they perform is easy to understand and straight forward. We can better understand activity to come in our industry based on how on-top Valor is with market-centric news.

-Alex Cohen, Vice President
Petrosaurus, Inc.

IAO Energy, LLC

We use Valor Analytics as our “in-house” asset management department.

They have eliminated the need to hire full-time in-house staff which provides us with a flexible and more favorable cost structure as our portfolio changes. Their reporting and database capabilities through shortened our ramp up time and we had state of the industry analysis and reporting from the onset. We have progressively granted Valor more and more autonomy and they have not disappointed. It’s peace of mind on that segment of the business which allows us to signal more resources to other divisions.”

-Heidi Flaig, Chief Executive Officer


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