Valor Team

Valor team has vast experience in trading & advising on energy financial derivatives in Crude Oil and Products, Natural Gas, Ethane, Propane at banks and as Principals at Houston Hedge Fund. We run an energy trading and analytics platform (@otcengine) which has been used by commodity trading and brokerage firms for the last 7+ years.

Using our proprietary platform, we also work with O&G producers and market participants in their hedging activities. With our own data & analytics and financial derivatives experience, we create Agile hedging strategies which protect the overall portfolio from downside while keeping the upside for investors. These Agile hedging strategies are dynamic in nature which work with market and client feedback . They also align with viewing Crude Oil Price volatility as an opportunity and not price risk.

We live and breathe energy markets and are happy to chat about fundamentals, market information and trade solutions at any time. We are registered with NFA as Commodity Trading Advisor and also with Interactive Brokers platform a Financial Advisor.

We have helped our customers close various transactions both with BP as a counter party and also on Interactive Brokers where we kept the upside potential open and also helped protect a floor on the Crude prices. We are in touch with Total also who are looking to give better pricing than other people in the market.